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If You Happen to See a Farmer…

Any Saturday, rain or shine, I can walk down the aisles of our Santa Barbara Farmers Market and choose produce items that are fresh, ripe and mostly local. I’ve lived here since 1986, and for me the market has been a fixture.

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April 22. 2016 | By by Janice Cook Knight | 0 comments


How to Cook More Without Really Trying

It is often said that one of the most important things you can do for your health and your family is cook more from scratch. But the two biggest reasons that people don’t cook from scratch are that they don’t have time or the skills.

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Culture Club

The annual Fermentation Festival, produced by Cultivate Events celebrates fermented food and drink with a slew of exhibits, speakers and activities. This year, the company decided to add a Wild Brew Fest to kick up the hops.

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March 10. 2016 | By Urmila Ramakrishnan | 0 comments


Edible Hero Voting

There is still time to vote for your favorite local chef, farmer/fisherman/rancher, food artisan and beverage artisan.

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Summer 2015

Wine Without Water

In Europe, wine grapes have been farmed without irrigation for thousands of years. In these regions, where every aspect of wine production is tightly regulated, the practice is outlawed under the belief that irrigation can be detrimental to quality. Some wine critics argue that using water as a substitute for rainfall is not a true

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September 20. 2015 | By Wil Fernandez | 0 comments

Summer 2015

A Cocktail Winner by a Nose

I’d like to argue that smoke is a flavor. After all, much of what we taste comes from our sense of smell, and even vegetarians can weaken at their knees if there’s the scent of bacon in the air. Tell me that’s not smoky pork calling to some basic desire we all have had since

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September 19. 2015 | By George Yatchisin | 0 comments

Spring 2017

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