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Summer 2013

Summertime a la Mode

There really is a summer place where smells are intoxicating and the tastes… oh, the tastes. One bite of summery food and instantaneous memories appear of carefree childhoods: days and car trips that seemed endless, sandcastles on the beach, runs of grunion, backyard pools and little bugs of light just teasing to be jarred. One

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April 06. 2015 | By Jill Johnson | 0 comments



Not for the Kiddies Real Beer Float

Makes 4-6 servings. 1 pint Here’s the Scoop vanilla, chocolate or espresso gelato 1 six-pack or 750ml bottle local stout or porter beer, such as Firestone Velvet Merlin, Telegraph Stock Porter or Island Brewing Jubilee Ale. Assemble 4–6 friends and 4–6 pint glasses or other roomy beer glass. Pour chilled beer halfway up each glass.

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June 10. 2014 | By Shannon Essa | 0 comments