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Stone Fruit Clafoutis

If there is one fruit that heralds spring for me, it’s an apricot. This is the first dish I make when I spy these beautiful golden orbs at the market… FacebookTwitterPinterest

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April 23. 2019 | By Pascale Beale | 0 comments

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Croissant Bread Pudding

If you love bread pudding, you’ll love this more-decadent version. Use day-old croissants if you have them, but fresh work just fine, too. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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November 07. 2018 | By Laura Booras | 0 comments

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Eat Local Challenge #18

Healthy eating means treating ourselves to dessert every once in awhile, right? We think so. It’s sweet treat time! Whether you had a long day at work or just can’t get that homemade brownie your co-worker was eating out of your mind, winding down with a delicious dessert might be just what you need. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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October 24. 2017 | By | 0 comments