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Santa Barbara Beer Garden

Sixth Annual Santa Barbara Beer Garden Now in its sixth season, Santa Barbara Beer Garden is a fundraising event supporting the Garden’s core programs in environmental education, conservation and research, and native plant horticulture. Join us for an afternoon of music, food, and one-of-a-kind beers uniquely paired with locations throughout our historic gardens. Featuring beers from

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Online Magazine

Behind the Bottle, Beyond the Barley

Beer. Barley. Hops. Yeast. Water. A beautiful science experiment so eloquently simple yet utterly profound. It has been said that fermentation does all the work, but our local brewers have created a community rich in talent. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Culture Club

The annual Fermentation Festival, produced by Cultivate Events celebrates fermented food and drink with a slew of exhibits, speakers and activities. This year, the company decided to add a Wild Brew Fest to kick up the hops. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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A Beer and a Watermelon Margarita Walk into a Bar…

Summer does all kinds of strange things to me, like make me appreciate pilsners and not just crave hop-bomb IPAs as I do most of the less-warm year. Their mild maltiness and lower alcohol just seem a better accompaniment to a lazy afternoon.  FacebookTwitterPinterest

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A Day in Santa Barbara

Getting to know Santa Barbara food culture means sampling the area’s diverse produce, abundant seafood and artisan food products. Expedia has teamed up with Edible Feast and Edible Santa Barbara magazine to bring you a food and drink lover’s perfect day.

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Seasoned by the Sea

Capturing Santa Barbara’s Essence in a Glass of Beer by Laura Sanchez Water is one of nature’s most essential compounds. Two tiny hydrogen atoms hand-in-hand with oxygen form a molecule vital for all life. In solid, vapor or liquid form, it covers 70% of the planet. And each droplet reflects the specific place of its origin. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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