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Eat Local Challenge #10

There is nothing like growing your own. Can it get any more local than picking something that you grew and eating it? The act of growing our own fruits, vegetables or herbs to use in the kitchen keeps us that much more connected to our food. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Invasive Plants and Pests

Each year Edible Santa Barbara challenges readers to pledge that during the month of October they will eat and drink only locally produced food products. While some participants choose to restrict their food sources to a specified radius from their homes, others define a specific region. During October, I choose to pay careful attention to

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October 01. 2015 | By Nancy Oster and Rosminah Brown | 0 comments

Summer 2015

Oh, Grow Up

Many summer vegetable plants tend to be on the big side, with each individual plant claiming a good-sized footprint on the earth. But if you’re cramped for space, consider going up instead. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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September 18. 2015 | By Joan S. Bolton | 0 comments

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Uncovering Cover Crops

Sowing a cover crop this fall may sound like no more than providing a cozy blanket for the soil to snuggle under during winter. But that’s only the start. Of far greater importance, cover crops provide a natural way to build healthy soil. They add organic material, replenish nutrients, cycle nutrients from the depths to

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