BLT Sandwich. Photo by Joshua Curry.

Eat Local Challenge #8

Lunching Local

Sometimes it’s the simple things. Like what to have for lunch.

What do you eat for lunch? Maybe you go out to lunch (see our tips yesterday for eating out). If you eat at home or pack a lunch, today we’ve got some suggestions for making your lunch a little more local.


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Lunching Local

Leftovers, salads and sandwiches often make the easiest lunches—to eat at home or packed in a sack. You can take a look at what is in your fridge and see if it can be taken for lunch or put onto some lettuce for a quick salad or between two slices of (locally-made) bread for a sandwich.

If you are packing a salad, put some dressing (try homemade Ranch Dressing) in a separate container to add right before eating.

Just about anything that works for a salad also works for a sandwich, and it’s so easy to prepare in advance and eat on the run.

You can go classic with a PB&J—look for local nut butter and jam at the farmers market.

Another classic is a BLT—made with local ingredients and endlessly customizable (click here for the recipe). Make it vegetarian or vegan by ditching the bacon and adding hummus, avocado or olive tapanade. Go grain-free by wrapping your choice of fillings in large lettuce leaves.

If you are at home (or have access to heat) make a comforting grilled cheese sandwich. Pick up some local cheese at your nearest farmers market cheese producer or local cheese shop.

Want something really decadent and delicious? Try this delicious California Spiny Lobster Roll.

You can also branch out into wraps by picking up some locally made tortillas. In Santa Barbara also look for locally-made crepes by Maudet’s (traditional or gluten-free buckwheat).

So, go to it. Build your best locavore sandwich, wrap, salad or lunchable creation.

Don’t forget to post what you made in the comments or share a photo on Instagram! #EatLocalChallenge2017

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