Still—Elevate Your Ethanol. Photo by Steven Brown.

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Still – Elevate Your Ethanol

You knew it was just a matter of time… Santa Barbara needed a retail store for the mixologists. We are now lucky enough to have Still – Elevate Your Ethanol, which is both an online as well as a bricks and mortar shop right in the heart of downtown. Owner Jeremy Bohrer has selected a fine offering of tools, ingredients and cocktail accessories. We like the
fact that you can find those practical and inexpensive items (simple wood muddlers start at $3.99) as well as the splurge items (a copper cocktail shaker for $72.99). And the selection of exotic bitters makes our mouth water.

Still – Elevate Your Ethanol is located at 37 E. Ortega St., Santa Barbara; 805 883-1080. They are open Tue–Sun 10am–7pm. You can also order online at

—Krista Harris

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