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This dish is like spanakopita, but made with other types of greens. You can really use anything: spinach, chard or even kale. Mix it up! It’s a great way to use up a bumper crop of any dark greens you have in your garden. If the phyllo seems intimidating, keep playing with it. If it

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Eat Local Challenge #18

Healthy eating means treating ourselves to dessert every once in awhile, right? We think so. It’s sweet treat time! Whether you had a long day at work or just can’t get that homemade brownie your co-worker was eating out of your mind, winding down with a delicious dessert might be just what you need. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #13

There is nothing like a good snack to get you through the day. We all fall subject to snack attacks, and busy weekdays often require on-the-go munching. Pre-made (and homemade) snacks to keep in the refrigerator and pantry are perfect for these hectic days. It’s great to have local bites on hand to avoid the

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Eat Local Challenge #8

Sometimes it’s the simple things. Like what to have for lunch. What do you eat for lunch? Maybe you go out to lunch (see our tips yesterday for eating out). If you eat at home or pack a lunch, today we’ve got some suggestions for making your lunch a little more local. . Today’s Assignment:

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Santa Barbara Ranch Dressing

The origin of Ranch Dressing can be directly traced to the dressing that Steve and Gayle Henson created and served to customers at their dude ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch on San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara. So what better condiment to make during the Eat Local Challenge? Makes about 1 cup 1⁄2 cup mayonnaise 1⁄2

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Main Dishes

BLT Sandwich

You hardly need a recipe to make a BLT sandwich—bacon, lettuce, tomato on bread. But you may need reminding how good a properly made BLT can be. And it’s flexible—if you don’t eat bacon, leave it off and pile on a couple of the suggested additions. Look for just about all of the ingredients at

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