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Food, Spring 2015

Gluten-Free Delicacies

With the opening of Lilac Pâtisserie, the gluten-free and gluten-full alike have reason to rejoice. The dedicated gluten-free bakery whips up a stunning array of delicious (and you’d never guess gluten-free) pastries and baked goods, from brioche to blueberry muffins, Linzertorte FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Food, Spring 2015

Community-Supported Cooking

Inspired by community-supported agriculture (CSA), the concept of Julienne’s CSC (community-supported cooking) program is to help people eat wonderful, local food. But unlike getting just a box of raw ingredients, the offerings at Julienne include artfully prepared foods like duck sausage with kimchi, winter squash ravioli, creamy Parmesan dressing and sometimes a fresh produce item

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Summer 2013

Summertime a la Mode

There really is a summer place where smells are intoxicating and the tastes… oh, the tastes. One bite of summery food and instantaneous memories appear of carefree childhoods: days and car trips that seemed endless, sandcastles on the beach, runs of grunion, backyard pools and little bugs of light just teasing to be jarred. One

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Online Magazine, Spring 2015

Spring’s Don’t-Miss Dish

Chef Greg Arnold’s modern plant-based cuisine at MesaVerde in Santa Barbara stimulates more than your appetite. Yes, the dishes’ vegetables come straight from the weekly farmers market. Yes, the menu’s inspiration comes from Mediterranean influences. But it’s the melding of all this plus art—what he calls “synesthesia”—that makes his food exquisite. A vegetarian himself, Chef

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Winter 2013

Chef Kim Schiffer

  The Art of Culinary Collaboration by Jennifer LeMay Photography by Fran Collin “When I think of good food, I am transported back to Louisiana to my best friend Susie’s house,” says Kim Schiffer, private chef and caterer. “Every time I walked through that door, I was invited to sit and eat (saying no was

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Food, Winter 2013

Chef Cindy Black

Read what Chef Cindy Black has been up to since 2013 Since childhood, Cindy Black has enjoyed baking. She credits her grandparents for teaching her how to bake with logic and intuition and without measuring ingredients. She’s also been a night owl, and on those nights she was up late as a youngster, she’d bake

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