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Eat Local Challenge #23

We did it… October has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean our mindful eating and shopping has to. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #22

Stay inspired with a few good reads! Although you’re basically a locavore expert by now, there is always more to learn. With fall weather upon us and winter slowly approaching, now is a great time to snuggle up with a book and a blanket. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #21

Local pumpkin patch field trip! Halloween is right around the corner, and who doesn’t love to get a nice big pumpkin in time for the holiday? Take time this weekend to get into the spooky spirit at a pumpkin patch. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #20

I’m thankful for… While Thanksgiving is still a month away, we are going to turn our attention to the time of year when we have the opportunity to appreciate our friends, family and our local food community. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #19

All that waste…  One of the things about cooking from scratch is that you really notice your waste and food scraps. Have you seen all the carrot tops, apple cores, vegetable peelings and seeds that go into your trash? FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #18

Healthy eating means treating ourselves to dessert every once in awhile, right? We think so. It’s sweet treat time! Whether you had a long day at work or just can’t get that homemade brownie your co-worker was eating out of your mind, winding down with a delicious dessert might be just what you need. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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