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Eat Local Challenge #19

All that waste…  One of the things about cooking from scratch is that you really notice your waste and food scraps. Have you seen all the carrot tops, apple cores, vegetable peelings and seeds that go into your trash? FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Eat Local Challenge #11

Let’s find out where our food is really coming from. One of the main focuses of this Challenge is to open our eyes to where exactly our food is coming from, including who exactly is producing it. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Garden, Local Challenge

Eat Local Challenge #10

There is nothing like growing your own. Can it get any more local than picking something that you grew and eating it? The act of growing our own fruits, vegetables or herbs to use in the kitchen keeps us that much more connected to our food. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Savoring Wildlands

What does it mean to live closely to the earth, or to have a relationship with the food we eat? Most of us don’t live off the land, but we still want to feel close to it, and we find ways through different roles: rock climber, hiker, gardener, fisherman. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Farm to Vase

A pretty vase of flowers might be considered a luxury, but what a difference a few blooms can make to brighten a room or mood. They make everyone happy. One company in Carpinteria is bringing that happiness to homes and businesses through a subscription service.  FacebookTwitterPinterest

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Prickly Pear Syrup

1 cup prickly pear juice 11⁄2 cups granulated sugar Try 6 prickly pears to start. The amount of juice will vary according to variety and size of the pear. Red prickly pears are usually sweet but some yellow and green varieties are also sweet when ripe. Wear long heavy gloves, do not wear sandals, and

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