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Camera to Plate

There is no denying it: We love to eat and we love to take pictures of the food we eat. Eat This, Shoot That is a tour that combines tastes and pours of local delicacies and our insatiable desire to photograph them while being guided through some of the more picturesque and walkable corridors of

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April 27. 2016 | By Rosminah Brown | 0 comments


Farm to Vase

A pretty vase of flowers might be considered a luxury, but what a difference a few blooms can make to brighten a room or mood. They make everyone happy. One company in Carpinteria is bringing that happiness to homes and businesses through a subscription service.  FacebookTwitterPinterest

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April 21. 2016 | By Rosminah Brown | 0 comments


Tribute to the Past

Over the years Zaca Mesa Winery and Vineyards has become exceedingly well known for their Rhone-style wines. Their Black Bear Block Syrah has a cult following and their ‘Z’ blends are extremely popular on restaurant wine lists and in home cellars. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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April 17. 2016 | By Krista Harris | 0 comments


Unwrapping Expo West

As Walter Robb from Whole Foods Market said, “This is no longer the natural foods industry. This is the food industry. The 36th annual Natural Products Expo West pushes that message further by hosting the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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April 04. 2016 | By Rachel Hommel | 0 comments

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Progression of a Supper Club

Meals often bring people together. It’s the sights, sounds, smells and all around shared experience that create memories that stick long after the last crumb of the wafer cookie has been digested. FacebookTwitterPinterest

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March 31. 2016 | By Urmila Ramakrishnan | 0 comments

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Think Local, Starting With Your Pantry

A few years ago I had a conversation with the editor of this magazine, Krista Harris, on the eve of the very first Eat Local Challenge. We were discussing how and where we were going to get certain foods. “My kids drink a lot of milk,” said I. “Where am I going to find a

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October 01. 2015 | By Pascale Beale | 0 comments