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Edible Santa Barbara is a quarterly publication celebrating the abundance of local food and wine throughout Santa Barbara County.


The latest in a growing community of over 40 Edible Community magazines, Edible Santa Barbara combines the synergy of a national publication with the locally written and relevant insider’s view of Santa Barbara’s producers, purveyors and consumers. The magazine tells the in-depth stories behind our local food and highlights the culinary traditions of Santa Barbara County.


  • Eating delicious, locally grown, seasonal food.
  • Getting to know the people who grow, produce, cook and sell those foods.
  • Learning more about what’s available in our region in terms of great dining, day trips, food events and festivals; great books to read and products to try.

There is a growing national movement that is encouraging people to eat more locally grown and locally produced foods. By eating locally, we help sustain the small family farms that grow these foods, we enjoy food that is fresher and healthier for us and we help reduce the cost to the environment of transporting foods over long distance.

“Locavores: Defining The Local Food Movement” by Chipotle Pictures, is an award-winning film about the locavore movement. The film was produced for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County’s 2010 ‘Feed The Future’ Video Competition, and was awarded 1st Place. The film was produced, written, directed, and edited by Erik Choquette.  



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