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Buttonwood Farm & Winery

Everything on the menu is grown or raised on the Buttonwood Farm—farm-raised pork and lamb, goat cheese, vegetables, peaches and, of course, wine.

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June 17. 2016 | By Krista Harris and photos by Nell Campbell | 0 comments

Spring 2009

The Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens

Even on that rare rainy Santa Barbara day, the Fairview Gardens CSA (community-supported agriculture produce subscription program) distribution goes on undisturbed. Bordered by the busy Fairview Avenue, Goleta Library and a prolific subdivision, Fairview Gardens has remained farmland for over 100 years. To the side of the produce stand with its familiar green and white

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September 21. 2009 | By Elizabeth Goffin | 0 comments

Spring 2017

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