Join the Eat Local Challenge

Edible Santa Barbara is sponsoring an Eat Local Challenge for the month of October. The Challenge encourages people to take a personal pledge to eat and drink local products October 1–31.

What is it and how can I participate?

When you participate in the Eat Local Challenge, you’ll take a personal pledge to eat only foods produced within a 100- or 150-mile radius of your home, or within the tri-county region, or within California. Decide if you are going to make any exceptions (such as for coffee, tea or spices), but try to stay as local as possible.

Sign up by joining the email newsletter. Each weekday morning in October you’ll receive an email assignment to inspire and inform you on how to access local food, cook with local ingredients and seek out and support local farmers, fishermen, food and beverage artisans.


Learn more about the Eat Local Challenge in this video:

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