Bloom Floral & Foliage for farm-to-vase flowers.

Farm to Vase

Bloom Floral & Foliage — A Flower CSA

A pretty vase of flowers might be considered a luxury, but what a difference a few blooms can make to brighten a room or mood. They make everyone happy. One company in Carpinteria is bringing that happiness to homes and businesses through a subscription service. 

Bloom Floral & Foliage is run by Victoria Urquhart, a third-generation Carpinteria native. Her family has been farming in the foothills since the late 1960s. The concept of Bloom is similar to a community-supported agriculture (CSA) harvest subscription program, but for cut flowers and foliage. She cultivates direct local relationships with farmers to provide her customers with weekly bouquets of long-lasting farm-fresh flowers. Victoria sources directly from Carpinteria growers whose flowers are often not available locally, and she seeks out interesting new varieties as well as traditional flowers that we commonly request like garden roses and peonies. You can customize flowers and sizes, but the great thing about a CSA is getting to discover floral gems you might not have known about. How about a bouquet that includes waterlily dahlias, tender hellabores, silver soft lambs ears, edible thyme and ruffled geranium leaves that smell of lemon, ginger or chocolate?

A subscription for a small bouquet of flowers starts at $140 for four weekly deliveries. Delivery is available from Carpinteria to Goleta. She also offers holiday packages, a la carte deliveries and add-ons of specialty local foods.


Visit for more information or call 805 316-0287.

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