Eat Local Challenge #9

Connect With Us!

Let’s make this community a resource.

Challenges are always more fun when sharing the experience with others. We are in this together—it’s time to make a connection. Maybe someone will be inspired by your photo or recipe. Or perhaps you can answer someone’s question. Today’s assignment has three ways to play. And a reward.


Today’s Assignment:


Connect with Us

Everyone taking on this month of local goodness can be a resource for each other. So today, we want to hear from you. Since everyone is different, we’ve come up with three ways to play:

  1. Take a picture of your latest creation or favorite ingredients and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and here’s the important part: hashtag #EatLocalChallenge2017.
  2. If photography isn’t your forte, post a recipe or ask where to find the best local honey. Again, be sure to hashtag #EatLocalChallenge2017.
  3. Not into posting something? Watch one of our Eat Local Challenge videos on the Edible Santa Barbara YouTube Channel and leave a comment: asking a question, providing a tip or giving us a suggestion.


Better yet, do all three!

And here’s the fun part: we’ll choose one of your photos, posts or comments to highlight in an upcoming email newsletter and the person chosen will receive a copy of the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

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