Eat Local Challenge #4

Let's Get Cookin'

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal.

Whether you spend all your time in the kitchen or prefer to take the back burner when it comes to cooking, you’ll find something in this challenge. Some people like to spend hours preparing a beautiful, bountiful meal; others need to whip up something simple in 30 minutes.

One thing you will find is that eating local generally means cooking from scratch. There are simply fewer options for prepared ready-to-eat meals that are made locally. So you might find yourself cooking more this month. That might be great news for some of you. But for others, it might sound a bit daunting.

Fear not. We’ll be helping you come up with a variety of ways to fit more cooking into your life. Regardless of your cooking background, getting started is always easier with inspiration. This inspiration can be from photos of meals you’ve stumbled across, recipes you’ve read about or friends you’ve shared meals with. Whatever it may be, let’s get motivated to cook local! Your assignment awaits.


Today’s Assignment:


Let’s Get Cookin’

First, create a “bucket list” of recipes for the month. Start a list of fall dishes or create a recipe folder on your computer. If you’re an avid pinner, search some tasty fall recipes on Pinterest and create a board. Take a look at the ingredients in these recipes; can you find them locally? If not, set them aside for November or decide to make an exception.

Need some help with recipes? Pam Plesons of Plow to Porch has created an entire week’s worth of recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) that are ideally suited for the Eat Local Challenge. You can use them to the letter for every meal, or pick and choose the recipes throughout the month.

Here’s a printable pdf of the recipes.

Once you’ve decided what to cook, grab a friend or family member to share the cooking experience with (or the entire Eat Local Challenge). Finding local ingredients and putting them to good use can be easier and more enjoyable with a companion! Read Anna Thomas’s article “Homemade” for beautifully-written cooking inspiration.

Now you are ready to cook dinner tonight… and throughout the month.

Here are a few more of our favorite recipes to add to your list…

When you need a weeknight pasta dish that can be customized for omnivores and vegans alike:


>Cauliflower and Walnut Pasta

When you are craving a hamburger:

>Grass-Fed Beef Hamburgers

When you spot the first persimmons at the market:

>Roasted Kale and Grilled Persimmon Salad 

You can never have too many recipes for roast chicken:

>Citrus Roasted Chicken with Grapes

Questions, comments? Let us know what you made for dinner!

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