Eat Local Challenge #3

Shop Local

Time to start shopping!

Grocery shopping for purely local foods may sound a bit daunting, but fear not, we are here to help. Whether you visit a farmers market, farm stand or a grocery store, there are tons of options for locavores. And new items keep popping up. This Challenge will hopefully encourage you to change the way you shop and the food you buy—you’ll be surprised at how much you can find!

The idea is to try to stay as local as possible. For you, this may mean buying foods grown in your region or state. For someone else, it will mean food that is grown within 100 miles of their home; perhaps even food from their very own garden. This assignment will be the perfect kick-starter to begin the Challenge with a plethora of local goodies to have on hand. Let’s get started…

Today’s Assignment:

Shop Local

Visit a farmers market, farm stand, grocery store or sign up for a CSA or local produce delivery (see list for Santa Barbara options). Pack your pantry with local beans, grains and pasta—and fill your fridge with as much produce as you can fit. Bring a list of products local to your area to reference while shopping.

Farmers markets are all about local, fresh products, so go wild. Expect colorful bounty and an abundance of smiling faces; stroll up and down the stands admiring the great diversity of both the food and the people. Look for locally-made products like cheese, sauces and condiments. At the Santa Barbara farmers markets, you can find jam, honey, olive oil and more; be open to expanding your local horizon beyond fruits and veggies. Some farmers markets will even have prepared food that you can eat right there or take home for dinner.

If you make a trip to the grocery store, look for signs that identify local products. Keep your goals in mind: how far or near is your food coming from? Does it fall within your set radius? Try to stick to your guidelines as much as possible.

Is it hard for you to get to the farmers market every week? You might consider signing up for a local produce delivery service.

For more about shopping local and how a local produce delivery service works, check out the video below:

Questions, comments? Leave a comment on the video above!

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2 Responses to “Eat Local Challenge #3”

  1. Kim and George Morales says:

    We have used Plow to Porch for years and love it!

    Also really like Tutti Fruitti produce and Chris Cadwell’s cheerful team.

    • Krista Harris says:

      I agree! Have you tried the Tutti Fruitti tomatoes sauces that they do in partnership with Michael De Paulo? There’s an article about them in our Fall issue.


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