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Eat Local Challenge #23


We did it…

October has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean our mindful eating and shopping has to. Whether you’ve found this month to breeze right by or be a bit more challenging than you expected, the main goal of the Eat Local Challenge is to get you thinking… maybe you paid more attention to where you shopped for food, what you ordered at restaurants and what you cooked at home. Maybe you feel a deeper appreciation for how eating local food can help our local economy, our health and the environment.

I hope this Challenge has opened your eyes to some new ways of eating and cooking, and I hope you’ve had fun with this month of projects and recipes. Now it’s up to you to continue on the path of local buying, cooking, eating, sharing and most of all enjoying.

I just have one last suggestion…


Today’s Assignment:



Our October Eat Local Challenge is over, but you can certainly keep eating and thinking about local food. In addition to feeling a great sense of accomplishment, I would love for you to continue some aspect of the Eat Local Challenge in your life from here on out.

It could be something substantial like changing the way you eat or where you shop. Or it could be something small like continuing to use a new local food item. You decide what works best for you and how to implement what you’ve learned this month into your lifestyle.

Perhaps you won’t stay as disciplined as you have been this past month, but this Challenge is meant to encourage mindful eating — for yourself, the environment, and your local community. Remember all of the delicious recipes you’ve made, farmers you’ve met, people you’ve shared with, and don’t let them go! You now have the knowledge and resources to continue to enjoy local goods year-round… what’s stopping you?

I would also like to thank all of you who have kept reading each of these emails and postings and those of you who have followed me in these projects. In some ways, this has been the most rewarding Eat Local Challenge I have done. And I would especially like to give a shout out to Ivy Hirsch, our Eat Local Challenge Coordinator who spent many hours this summer working on the content for this Challenge.

Now, let’s all have a glass of local bubbly tonight!

Feel free to continue sharing your accomplishments with #EatLocalChallenge2017 — until next year’s challenge rolls around!

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