Herbes de Provence Cheese Crackers. Photo by Joshua Curry.

Eat Local Challenge #13

Snack Attack

There is nothing like a good snack to get you through the day.

We all fall subject to snack attacks, and busy weekdays often require on-the-go munching. Pre-made (and homemade) snacks to keep in the refrigerator and pantry are perfect for these hectic days. It’s great to have local bites on hand to avoid the temptation of grabbing a bag of potato chips produced in faraway lands.

A little preparation can go a long way… and make snack time a whole lot easier, healthier and, let’s not forget, local!

The possibilities of snacking are endless; keep reading to get some munching inspiration.


Today’s Assignment:


Snack Attack

Take a few minutes today to prepare at least two grab-and-go snacks for yourself to enjoy between work and picking the kids up from school, after your yoga class, a pre-gardening bite or during a quiet day at home. Depending on what you’re preparing, you might package them in single servings, so they are super easy to take with you. Some bites may be more perishable than others; keep this in mind when you’re preparing.

• Take out some of your favorite jars or Tupperware from the cupboard, and let’s get started.

• Slice up a bunch of carrots, celery, red bell peppers, jicama or your choice of fresh, raw vegetables. Cherry tomatoes are perfect for snacking. Slip them into a few small jars or one large container and voila! They’re ready to grab on the go. Pair them with a locally-made hummus (like Baba Hummus if you’re in Santa Barbara County) and get munching.

• Now let’s head to the pantry. The most convenient pantry snack, in my opinion, is trail mix. It’s easy to make, easy to munch and you can get creative with the wide variety of nuts and dried fruits available locally. Next time you’re at the farmers market, pick up some local walnuts, almonds, pistachios, dried persimmons, dates, raisins—you name it. Mix them all together when you get home and you’re set with a protein-packed treat to nibble on between meals.

• For a more sophisticated pantry snack, try the recipe for homemade crackers (pictured above), and enjoy them with a local cheese or glass of wine before dinner.

• If you’re dying to satisfy a sweet tooth, snack on some fresh fruit such as strawberries—dipping in chocolate optional, but highly recommended. Look for a local bean-to-bar chocolate artisan, such as Twenty-Four Blackbirds in Santa Barbara).

Looking for something already prepared? Here are some of our favorites here in Santa Barbara:

From left: Lompoc Tortilla Chips, Pacific Pickle Works Mother’s Puckers, Baba Small Batch Hummus, Cabin 11 Bakery 5 Seed Cracker Gluten Free.

Take a picture of your creations and share them with us by tagging #EatLocalChallenge2017.

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