Eat Local Challenge #10

Garden Harvest

There is nothing like growing your own.

Can it get any more local than picking something that you grew and eating it? The act of growing our own fruits, vegetables or herbs to use in the kitchen keeps us that much more connected to our food. Knowing your farmer is one thing; being your farmer is another.

If you already have a garden, then it could be time to think about what new plants you’d like to add. If you’ve thought about starting a garden, this is a great time to plant some cool-season vegetables or herbs. But even if you don’t have the time or space for a garden, there is something in this challenge for you.



Today’s Assignment:


Garden Harvest

Pick your Challenge level:

  1. No space or time for gardening? We still have an idea for you: Simply pick up a potted herb to keep on your kitchen counter. These days even grocery stores are selling pots of basil or “living herbs” (often for less than a bunch of basil). Pick up whatever herb you think you’d use the most. Plop it into a dish or container to keep the water from overflowing when you water it. Place it near your kitchen sink, and water it frequently. Small pots tend to dry out quickly. Now you can pluck a leaf or two whenever you need it.
  2. Ready to start a garden? If you’re looking to do a little more digging and planting some edibles in your garden, read Step Up To Cool-Season Vegetables to get started.
  3. Want to take your vegetable garden to the next level? What else could you add to your garden—fruit trees or maybe chickens? There are lots of possibilities. For more farm-to-table inspiration, catch up on Charity Dubberley and her husband’s “Eat From Your Yard” week during a past Eat Local Challenge!


Whether you’ve got an orchard in your backyard, a few raised beds or a potted herb plant on your kitchen windowsill, everyone can incorporate that bit of garden connection into their cooking.

Remember to snap a picture of the herb you chose and share it on Instagram with #EatLocalChallenge2017. 

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