Eat Local Challenge #11

Weekend Field Trip

Let’s find out where our food is really coming from.

One of the main focuses of this Challenge is to open our eyes to where exactly our food is coming from, including who exactly is producing it. This connection is part of the joy of cooking and eating. If you’re not growing your food, who is? If you eat fish or meat, do you know where it comes from? The best way to find out is to visit a farm or fishermen’s market.

So read on and get in touch with the marvelous production processes behind everything on your table.


Today’s Assignment:


Weekend Field Trip

Take a half day this weekend and experience first hand where your food comes from. Using Edible Santa Barbara as a guide (or whichever Edible is in your region), select a fisherman’s market, farm or ranch to visit.

The Saturday Fishermen’s Market

Santa Barbara is home to a vibrant, working harbor and a weekly Fishermen’s Market. Each Saturday 6–11am , you can find a handful of fishermen at 119 Harbor Way on the City Pier (opposite Brophy’s) selling the seasonal catch. The type of seafood for sale includes: rockfish, lingcod, black cod, sole, halibut, and live shellfish: rock crab, whelk, abalone, urchin, lobster, mussels and oysters. Fish can even be cleaned or filleted for you at their new filleting station.

On Saturday, October 14th you can really get to know the local seafood at the Santa Barbara Harbor and Seafood Festival. In addition to all the activities at the festival, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will have a Wine & Seafood Pairing event on the patio overlooking the harbor. Enjoy local seafood and local wine—this is what makes the Eat Local Challenge so enjoyable!

Visiting a Farm

If you choose to visit a farm or ranch and you are in or near Santa Barbara, check out our Santa Barbara County Farm Guide for ideas. Get ready for a fun, energizing, relaxing day at the farm. Take a look at the farm map we’ve put together to make your visit that much easier; you can even lay out a trail for yourself to visit multiple farms in one day.

Share pictures of your fishermen’s market or farm visits on Instagram and tag #EatLocalChallenge2017 to inspire others to do the same!

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