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White Gazpacho

While most of us are familiar with the classic Spanish red gazpacho, the white version with almonds and grapes is equally authentic. It is cool, smooth and creamy, despite having no dairy, and it’s very refreshing on a hot day.

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Egg Curry

M. F. K. Fisher wrote of making an egg curry when she was a young girl that she called Hindu Eggs. It was so spicy hot that she and her sister had tears streaming down their face while they tried valiantly to eat it.

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Stuffing—it’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore. This recipe is suitable for stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey, and yet is adaptable enough anytime you want a delectable side dish. And if you make it without the sausage and serve some braised sausages on top, it can even become a one-dish meal. It can also be made with corn

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Drinkable Landscape

Sometimes it’s good to look to others for inspiration. Especially in the case of the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, where not only do they have a secret chef’s garden, and not only do they like featuring a “100-mile cocktail” of all-local ingredients, but they also have an elegant cocktail lounge where a

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Padrón Peppers

Some Are Hot, and Some Are Not In Spain you find them in tapas bars as pimientos de Padrón. But until this summer you would be hard pressed to find them locally. Now many local farmers are growing and selling these delicious little peppers. Picked when they are small, most are sweet and mild, but

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Wheat Berry Salad

Wheat Berry Salad This is inspired by a wheat berry salad in Heidi Swanson’s book Super Natural Cooking, and by the fact that we can now find local wheat berries at the farmers market from Shepherd Farms. Wheat berries are the entire wheat kernel minus the hull. It’s what you can use to mill and

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