Side Dishes


Side Dishes

Egg Equivalents

You can use this chart to make substitutions for different types of eggs. Also take into account that eggs such as duck eggs are often richer and more flavorful than chicken eggs. 1 ostrich egg equals 18–24 chicken eggs 1 emu egg equals 10–12 chicken eggs 1 goose egg equals 4 chicken eggs 1 turkey

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Side Dishes

Chard and Woodland Mushrooms

A mixture of seasonal greens and mushrooms makes a versatile dish. When chanterelles are available, definitely use them. But feel free to substitute different types of greens or different mushrooms. We particularly like the King Trumpet mushrooms that are available from Milliken Family Farms. This also becomes the core for many meals—with a poached egg,

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Side Dishes

Sautéed Daylily Buds

(Please see our feature from our Summer 2012 issue, The Edible Daylily, for more information about eating daylilies) Sautéed Daylily Buds 1 1⁄2 cups daylily buds 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 small shallot, thinly sliced Salt and pepper, to taste Wash and dry daylily buds. Heat butter and olive in skillet and sauté

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Side Dishes

Sautéed Peas and Radishes

  When the peas are at the market, you can find radishes, too. And naturally, they make a great combo. Don’t think of shelling peas as being too much work, sit down on your porch or in your garden on a sunny day and enjoy the process. If you have a kid nearby enlist his

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Side Dishes

Oven-Roasted Kale Chips

Makes 4 servings Everyone always wonders what to do with kale. This recipe was inspired by a comment made by someone at the Fairview Gardens CSA. Even though kale doesn’t seem like a summer vegetable, it’s readily available all summer long, and turning it into chips to serve alongside a sandwich or burger is a

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Side Dishes

Spring Greens

Spring is a great time to pick up greens from the farmers market or a store that stocks local produce. Organic greens often have a bit of organic dirt, which may be a healthy sign, but the grit can be unpleasant to eat. So wash all greens carefully before use. Fill a very large bowl

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