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A Pretty Mouthful

As I descend into the sunken garden on a terra-cotta pathway leading to the lotus pool, I’m transported to a world where I’d be completely unsurprised if a knee-high chap with pointy ears, a cherry nose and a helium-balloon voice popped out from under an enormous leaf and offered me a lotus petal filled with sweetest ambrosia.

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October 01. 2014 | By Carol Penn-Romine | 0 comments

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Lotus Chips

Slices of lotus rhizome—sometimes called the root—are easy to bake, season and serve as an appetizer or dipper. Lotus rhizome, either fresh or dried Oil, your choice Sea salt, seasoned salt or various spices, your choice Bowl of water White vinegar, as needed Preheat oven to 350°. If you’re using fresh lotus rhizome, peel it

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October 01. 2014 | By Carol Penn-Romine | 0 comments

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Uncovering Cover Crops

Sowing a cover crop this fall may sound like no more than providing a cozy blanket for the soil to snuggle under during winter. But that’s only the start. Of far greater importance, cover crops provide a natural way to build healthy soil. They add organic material, replenish nutrients, cycle nutrients from the depths to

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October 01. 2014 | By Joan S. Bolton | 0 comments

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