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Savoring Wildlands

What does it mean to live closely to the earth, or to have a relationship with the food we eat? Most of us don’t live off the land, but we still want to feel close to it, and we find ways through different roles: rock climber, hiker, gardener, fisherman.

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Farm to Vase

A pretty vase of flowers might be considered a luxury, but what a difference a few blooms can make to brighten a room or mood. They make everyone happy. One company in Carpinteria is bringing that happiness to homes and businesses through a subscription service. 

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April 21. 2016 | By Rosminah Brown | 0 comments

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Prickly Pear Syrup

1 cup prickly pear juice 11⁄2 cups granulated sugar Try 6 prickly pears to start. The amount of juice will vary according to variety and size of the pear. Red prickly pears are usually sweet but some yellow and green varieties are also sweet when ripe. Wear long heavy gloves, do not wear sandals, and

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October 01. 2015 | By Rosminah Brown and Nancy Oster | 0 comments

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Classic French Escargots

This is based on a recipe in Molly Watson’s article “A Snail’s Tale: Stalking the Original Slow Food in a San Francisco Garden,” Edible San Francisco, Spring 2013. TO CLEAN THE SHELLS If you have an escargot plate with depressions for each snail, you don’t need to use the shells. 4 cups water 2 tablespoons

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Invasive Plants and Pests

Each year Edible Santa Barbara challenges readers to pledge that during the month of October they will eat and drink only locally produced food products. While some participants choose to restrict their food sources to a specified radius from their homes, others define a specific region. During October, I choose to pay careful attention to

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Garden, Spring 2015

A Campus Community Garden

There is a little green gem of a place hiding in plain sight on the lands of UC Santa Barbara. It is not on the path of a yellow brick road, mind you, but rather tucked away on a dirt service road lined by

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