Buttonwood Farm & Winery

All-Farm Dinner

There’s eating local, and then there’s feasting local. A few years back—before locavore was a common word—Jeff Olsson from New West Catering was instrumental in developing the concept of this farm-to-vineyard-to-table dinner. Everything on the menu is grown or raised on the Buttonwood Farm—farm-raised pork and lamb, goat cheese, vegetables, peaches and, of course, wine. A while back photographer Nell Campbell was on hand to document and partake in this amazing event, so that we could all feast our eyes on what is possible when you go local.

The annual Buttonwood All-Farm Dinner will be held this year on Saturday, August 13.

For reservations call 805 688-3032 or visit Buttonwood Winery.


Buttonwood’s farm-to-table feast takes place pond-side in the middle of their 39-acre vineyard.


Lamb and feta sausage with rosemary.


Heirloom tomatoes, peaches and basil with cucumber and cilantro.


Jeff Olsson of New West Catering puts the finishing touches on the Crispy Pig Head with Garlic Aioli appetizer.


Slow-roasted porchetta with garlic, sage, shallot and jalapeño


Chocolate-dipped peach ice cream sandwich and caramelized peach tart and bittersweet chocolate ganache